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Please fill in an Order Form and return it to our sales department with your artwork. If you have any questions call us on 020 8691 2121 and we’ll be happy to help.
All masters should be clearly labelled with your company name, artist name, title and catalogue number.
You should also enclose a copy of the track listing.

Masters can be supplied in one of the following formats:

CD Masters

CD-R (burned at a xslow rate).
Exabyte with PQ Sheet.
DDPi master with PQ Sheet. (Please ensure DDPi is clearly marked on your master and order form.)

DVD Masters
DVD-R (1 per layer)

Vinyl Masters
CDR (Please complete a Label Copy Form with side breaks clearly labelled)

You should always keep a back up copy for your own records.

CD audio master for manufacturing

Your CD & DVD masters should then be sent to the following address:

Sound Performance Ltd
3 Greenwich Quay
Clarence Road
London SE8 3EY

Vinyl Masters should be sent to:

Sound Performance Ltd
3 Greenwich Quay
Clarence Road
London SE8 3EY

Rights clearance needs to be applied for with the PRS for Music on all cover versions and copyright material. An IRMA form needs to be filled out if the content of your disc is original music.

If you are not the owner of the recording, we will require a letter of clearance from the owner.


Artwork delivery


All artwork should be supplied as CTP (computer to plate) print ready PDF files in the correct printer's templates, accompanied by a completed Artwork Form

Please ensure that the pasteboard / template remains the same size as the supplied template, if dimensions are changed, cuts and folds will be in the wrong place.

You can find the size by opening the template pdf in Acrobat and hovering the cursor in the bottom left hand corner of the window.

The bleed and no text areas are clearly labeled on the templates. All full colour images should be CMYK (not RGB) at 300 dpi. Please ensure images that are to be printed in greyscale are supplied as greyscale and not CMYK.

Please ensure artwork is dropped on top of the template so that the blue guidelines do not show, the trim marks need to be left on. Glue flaps need to be whitened out (digipack / card wallet / vinyl sleeves).

If you aren’t using Quark or InDesign to set your artwork to spec and need advice please contact us.

You should always keep a back up copy of your artwork files for your own records.


Artwork can be supplied in 4 ways.

1) Uploaded to our FTP site in a file identified by the jobs catalogue number only please.

Please contact your Production Co-ordinator for log-in details.

2) E-mailed to your sales/production contact (we can accept e-mails up to 10Mb)

3) On CD-R clearly labeled as “artwork disc” with your catalogue number.

Your sales contact will supply you with the address to send your artwork disc to.

4) You can e-mail us file transfer website links (yousendit / sendspace for example)

If artwork is not supplied to our CTP specs, then we can amend it for you for a charge. Please contact your Sales Representative for a price.


You can use our Quick Quote Form to get a quote.

Alternatively if you require something a little more complex you can contact our sales department who will put together a quote for you.

We require cleared payment on all orders before we can start your job.

We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards, cheque or bank transfer.


Please be advised that payment by credit card will incur a 5% surcharge.

If you are paying by cheque or bank transfer, funds must clear before we can start your job.

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If you’re a regular customer and would like to apply to open a credit account please contact our sales department for details.